Bet Options Available in the SICBO Type Online Casino

This sicbo online casino game is actually very easy to play, but sometimes this game is very confusing for beginners in choosing bets in this type of sicbo online casino game.

In this online sicbo type casino game the players must guess all the results of the three dice that have been shuffled by the dealer or dealer. Remember the dice shuffled not the others hehe. To choose the result of the three shuffled dice there are also many choices available at each table for players to place bets.

Bet Options On Sicbo Games

  • Small – Big

This type of first bet selection means big / small. Each player can place bets on the big / small. big or small here which means the result of the rolled dice that has been issued is small or large. Small means that it is worth 4 to 10 and large means that it is worth 11-17.

  • Even – odd

The types of betting options on the next online Sicbo game are even or odd. It’s the same as big or small, but here only place bets on even or odd selections of the number of dice that have been shuffled.

  • Triples

In choosing this type of bet, it means that the three dice must show the same number. For example, 1,1,1 or 6,6,6 this type of bet will get a big profit because it corresponds to the level of difficulty on this type of pair.

  • Doubles

Furthermore, doubles which means almost the same as triples only requires 2 dice with the same value. For example 2,2 or 4,4

  • Dice Combinations

This type of bet is a guess of the number of 2 or 3 dice that has been shuffled. For example, you choose 1-7, which means you will get a win if the dice results show numbers 1 and 7.

  • Three Dice Total

Furthermore, three dice total means that each player must guess the total of the three dice that has been shuffled by the dealer or dealer. For example, the result of the dice that has been shaken is 3,4,4 which means a total of 11. Then the player who places a bet with the number 11 wins the game.

  • Any Triple

The latter is the same as triples, it’s just that what distinguishes here is that players don’t need to guess what number will come out on the three dice. If you put any triple and any three twin numbers appear then you are the one who wins the game.

There are some ways to play sicbo that we can say, thank you and hope it is useful!